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1960s are very rich in mode(fashion), let us chançons, politics(policy), astronomy here is a small summary.
Mary Quant is a British needlewoman been born IN 1934 to Blackheath. She(it) is a member(part) of creators having given birth(rise) to the miniskirt. The miniskirt, which made her(it) famous, became the reference of the fashion of the 1960s. 
The twist is a dance which was extremely popular at the very beginning of 1960s, at the same time as a musical genre derived of the rock 'n' roll. The madison is a part of numerous on-line dances created in the 1960s as the twist. It is about a dance without contact which is practised on-line, alone or in couple, and which started in Philadelphia in 1960. The creator of the original madison is a former(old) minor American.

The Beatles is a native musical group of