Pour Lundi, Je dois écrire un petit sketch assez marrant racontant l'histoire d'un client obèse allant chez le diététicien pour avoir des conseils de comment se nourrir et quel sport faire ect ...
et tout ça en Anglais !

Le texte doit durée 10 - 15 min.

Je vous remercie d'avance.

On regarde ou ?
Sadya je m'excuse je vient de comprendre le system
^^ té excusé
faut faure attention la prochaine fois!!! dac? ;)


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-Dr  -     Please, do come in!

- le petient: Thanks

Le dr:-  what can I do for you?
    le patient        Well I think I'm a bit fat and euh euh..

le dr : Yes......What do you eAT DURING THE WHOLE DAY,

 LE PATIENT ..: not much really....

le dr - Ok let me see, can you tell me what do you have for breakfast?

le patient - Well, I get up at 6 in the morning and I have for breakfast some bacon and egs, then some sausages , beans, tomatoes and potatoes....

le dr : Is that all?

LE PATIENT: nOT REALLY? i HAVE ALSO SOME TOATS WITH BUTTER AND MARMELADE , WITH SOME CAKES . Then I have a big glass of milk with cornflakes and...


le patient : after awhile I drink a whole bottle of orange juice and I eat some muffins

le dr- Godness me ,! but it's too much for breakfast and what about the other meals? 

le patient- At lunch time I have a whole grilled chiken and potatoes and rice and coca cola

le dr- and do you sometilmes eat vegetables?

le patient: no never, I hate vegetables!

le dr-: and what about dinner?

Le patient: I have some steaks with fried potatoes with a beer

le dr- how many steaks ?

le patient : only 3 or four steaks and...

le dr- well, stop, stop, I understand why you are so fat!! and do you play any sports?

le patient: no I hate sports BUT i WATCH tv ALL DAY LONG, IT' S SO GOOD FOR ME!

le dr- Enough! I's time you went on a diet , very urgent!!!

Il faudrait qu'il tienne plus de temps ...
Car la en 4 min j'ai lue ...
Tu peux continuer avec ça: patient "on a diet? What do you mean a diet? My diet is made of fries soda and candy , i told you! " doctor: "ok, here is what you should do: stop eating fries. Replace them with regular potatoes. STEAMED. NO BUTER NO CREAM". / patient:"NO CREAM? Disgusting! Gross! What's the point? / doctor: "you don't understand. You're gonna die very soon if you don't get back in shape. You're a couch potatoe. You should do something about it. NOW! " /
Patient: "you don't get it: it's my body my choice. FAT POWER! "/doctor: "then why did you come here??" / patient: " it's my wife. She wants me to lose weight. She said"lose weight or lose me". I love her. I don't want to lose her! She may try to find a skinny guy if i don't get thinner. .. " doctor "oh but she already has: look at me i am skinny haha. And i loooove your wife haha" (fin) voilà j'espère que ça aidera
la fin est assez FUNNY!!!