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Sujet: Imagine you are standing on line Ellis Island. What are you thinking about? Take some time to write a letter to a friend back home about your first impressions of America. Whrite about your feelings, what it's like to be on Ellis Island. Are you afraid not to be accepted? What are your plains in America?



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My dear friend  Brebda;

Here I am on Ellis Island! So near THE NEW WORLC AND YET NOT CLOSE ENOUGH SINCE WE'LL HAVE TO PASS PHYSICAL TESTS BEFORE BEING ACCEPTED IN AMERICA; I'm so eager to be there. I hope my life will be fine and that I won't have problems finding a job. 
I dream of opening a little store where I'll buy fruit and vegetable and also bread. We never know but I may meet a nice  guy and get married and have children. Everything sounds so marvellous in the New World , I hear people talking about the country and it sounds great.I will let you know more about it later in an other letter. For now, take care of yourself for me and God bless you my dear friend.

sI TU ES EN 1ER OU TERMINALE CETTE LETTRE CORRESPOND AUX PREMIERS IMMIGRANTS QUI devaient passer par Ellis Island avant d'être autorisés à s'installer en Amérique. Dis moi s'il s'agit bien de cela
Oui c'est bien ça, je suis en 3ème mais c'est bon j'ai déjà rendu mon devoir. :)