Your work placement report (rapport de stage en 3eme)

bonjour je dois faire un rapport de stage en anglais (dans une boutique de chaussure et de sac)

1)Relate one of your work days in the company

2)say why you enjoyed your work experience or why not



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My training period had to be in a shoe shop. The first day , I was introduce to every body in the team if the shoe shop. After each one of us had to begin work and as I was a new worker, the boss told me to look at the others in order to get used to the work I had to do later on during the week. Then the other days I was completly prepared to receive the customers . And it was quite fun since I had to talk English with them. First I had to welcome them in the shop, and to ask if They wanted sonething special. Once I had understood their needs, I went to the back of the shop to fetch the proper size and the proper colour.   And it was the same day after day but I didn't find it boring at all. On thre contaray I quite enjoyed my training in the shoe shop because we had a very good relationship with all the colleagues.Moreover  it was a good experience to discover the work market