Je dois raconter mon voyage en angleterre , quand j'y suis alle . donnez des details sur ce que jai vu et les monuments que j'ai visite. Donne mon opinion sur ce voyage tous ca au preterit

merci de votre aide

ah..mais d'acc dsl :) bah ta pas d'aure
d'autre voyage
non desole
oki bah dsl j'peux pas t'edai :/


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Last summer I went to England and more precisely to London. What a fantastic city.

What amazed me most was Oxford steet so crowded. I've never seen so many cosmopolitan city. Japanese, Indians, Pakistanese, French  Germans, Americans . 

I thought "Are there any english people in this town? "

But what I liked much were the momuments. I saw the Tower Bridge, then I went to Saint Paul's Cathedral. Afterwards I visited Westminster Abbey and I liked Big Ben ,Tate Modern Museum. To be honnest evrything I saw or visited was wonderful. What about the English pubs? Once again so extravagant!!!I will never forget this trip to London and I wish to go back as soon as possible