Bonsoir j'ai un DM d'anglais pour lundi l'énoncé est :
Raconter une histoire de peur.
Est-ce-que vous pouvez me dire si le texte que j'ai fait est juste :
When I was a child I went with my friend Kim in england Kim she is elegant, black-eyed long-haired I like her because she is very funny and she is polite. We were visited my grand-mother she lives in a haunted castle. My grand-mother was having shower and me y Kim we were in kitchen because we were very hungry. When suddenly around midnight,I saw someone walking along gravel path.
I heard door creaking
We were terrified. I whispered:
Oh my god, what are we going to do?
When the killer opening the door to kitchen
Kim and me we screamed it was grand-father
We were relieved. What a relief !!!

Est-ce que tu veux que j'essaie de corriger ton texte; y a pas tant de fautes; moins que le texte en dessous.......
Oui svp
When I was a child, I went with my friend Kim to England. She is elegant, she has black eyes and long hair. I like her because she is very funny and polite. We went to visit my grandmother who is living in a haunted castle. While she was having a shower, Kim and I were in the kitchen; we were so hungry ! Suddenly, around midnight, I saw someone walking on the gravel path. I heard the door creaking.
We were terrified. I whispered : "Oh my god, what are we going to do?". When , who we thought was a killer, opened the door to the kitchen, Kim and I yelled : it was my grandfather!!! We were so relieved.! what a fright we have had! Je te garantis pas le 0 fautes , mais cela me semble mieux


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Christmas, a young man named Jean (takeany name ) is offering a green puppet. He forcesthank the person who gave it. Puppet , at that time , asad smile , remenber yourself .
Amount in his room , Jeanencloses the puppet in the closet and take the phone to callhis friend and invite him. His friend comes , they play sets etc ... theevening , a friend of John will sleep in the guest room .
They fall asleep ...
thenext day, John wakes up and goes awakened his friend in the room: itis found , murdered with an ax in his side. John panicked , will lookin the closet. The puppet is always a but it now appearssadistic smile and his eyes are red. John panicked , grabs the puppetand will throw it in the trash at the other end of town . It happens tohome in the evening.
He falls asleep ...
During the night, he heard a door open .
" IIIIIIINNNNINNN " (make a squeaking noise old door )
Can not hear regular .
" ....... TOP TOP TOP ...... .... "
He opens his eyes , but it is too late ... Puppet slaughters .