Imagine what you could start doing instead of watching TV, You will build five sentences using the following starters; I could......./ I’d better........../ I should...

l’aide des phrases trouvées ci-dessus, rédiger 60a 80
mots sur le sujet de l’exercice précèdent.

I could read a book, / I should pack my bag. / I'd better
revise for my test/

I should do my homework/. I'd better tidy my bedroom.

I could help my mother

I should go to sleep late. / In fact, I think I'd better
have a nice bath. / It should be better afterwards.



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I could/ read/ book/ I sHOULD/ my/ bag/  better/ revise/ for/

  test/ you/ using/ doing/  homework/ tidy/bedroom/ help/ better/
mother/ will/   go to/ sleep/ late/ in/ fact/ I think/ have/  a  nice/ bath/
 be/  afterwards/imagine/ what/ start/TV/ FIVE/  tidy my/ watching/a nice /

pack  my// better be/ help /afterwards better/late go sleep/read/ pack my bag
bath have/
test pach/ think nice/ could  It /   nice mother /