Je dois dire ce que je fait pendant les vacances de noel anglais Svp c'est pour demain c'est pas grave si ce vraiment c'est que je fait SVP

Tu as fait quoi comme texte
J'ai comprends je dois juste rancontre c'est que je fait pendant les vacances de noel en Anglais
ma réponse a été supprimée (?): je te la redonne à peu prés; je l'avais pas notée. During my last Christmas holidays, I went with my parents and my brother to visit my grandparents. We had not seen them for a long time and they were very happy. We stayed there a couple of days. The Christmas day, my brother and I woke up early to find out which presents we had. We were so excited!! But we had to go back home to return to school and get everything ready and to finish a few. homeworks


In the christmas holliday, i was go Paris with my family and I have do shopping. In the christmas day, i have to fun with my family, i eat chiken and chips and i dance. They was funny hollidays.