j'aurais grand besoin d'aire en anglais. En fait, je dois écouter un enregistrement audio et dire ce que je comprends, mais je ne comprends pas très bien... est-ce que vous pourriez me dire ce que vous comprenez car je n'y arrive pas... Merci d'avance et bonne soirée :)

Voici le lien:

s'il vous plait, c'est urgent :/


-So Namy,You're from Wales and you're Eleven . So what does a eleven girl do for fun and ?? 
-I do music, I play the piano and the violin.
-Ok, How long have you play the piano ? 
-Hum, so that was about eight.
-Eight and what about the violin ? 
-About the same.
-Okay, ? euh la je comprend pas ._. ? 
-I just past my great tree.
-Oh Congratulations! So that's great tree, what is that ? 
-Of Hum.. You have different levels...
-And that's a great one ?
-One, and it gets harder...
-Up too ??? You can get. A greatest, so
-I guess the next one you're gonna do it great you're at tree now.
-I guess the next one you're gonna do is ? four. Ok, and so what do you have to do, kinda test is it ?
-You ? three pieces
-Three pieces of music
-Yeah, You have to play them and you have to , hum, some singing
-Oh yeah
-Yeah, and..
-So that's like ? , you look at the script and sing the note, so..
-Hum, no somebody plays the ? for you and you have to sing it. The exactly same ? they played. And this ? You have to look at page and then play on the piano.
-Hum, well, is that hard ? 
- yeah
-yeah, i can imagine.So, how often, how much do you practice the piano then ? 
- Hum, It probably is once a week or once a day,
-But, i know when i do it,(sometimes) ? three times a week.
-And you enjoy it ? 
-Okay, great.
-I , you play the violin too?
-Yeah, and is that fun? 
-Sort of
-It's not as the piano.
-k, k, and hum do you do any other thing in your spare time ? 
Désolé mais c'est v'la long :/ Je peux pas faire plus 
Je me suis arrété à 2:15 :/ 

Merci beaucoup :D
C'est en quelle classe que tu es pour faire cette comprehension oral ? :)
En 2nd :/
Whoa maintenant j'ai peur d'aller en seconde l'année prochaine :')