The 60s establish(constitute) a revolutionary phase in the history(story) of the clothing creation. In 1960: a wind of freedom and youth blows on wardrobes. At the beginning of the 60s, the movement hippy come from the United States imports in France a lifestyle which is printed in silhouettes: the trend(tendency) is in the psychedelic, with its shrill(garish) colors, its jeans " legs of elephant " and its fluid and ample clothes. Models celebrate the 60s Twiggy was known to be an emblem of the 1960s and one of the most famous models of this time(period). Nicole de Lamargé, was a French model. Photographed by the biggest professionals of the 60s, present on number of magazines cover of time(period), she(it) belongs to the history(story) of the fashion of " sixtiesCreation of the miniskirt by the fashion designer(dressmaker) John Bates and who was carried(worn) for the first time in streets of London by Mary Quant.

It is a time(period) characterized by the joy of life(living), but also a big international tension and numerous revolts.
Johny Halliday he is not the first one to sing of the rock and roll in FranceN 1, it is, in 1960, the one who the first one, popularize this music
The Beatles is a musical group native of Liverpool, creates in 1960
Considered as the "soundtrack" of the 1960s, the songs of Beatles marked their decade as well as the following generations. 1960s are often called sixties, in reference to the economic and cultural brilliance(radiation) of the United States and the United Kingdom during this period.

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