Bonjours à tous , s'il vous plais , j'aurais besoins d'un dialogue entre deux amis .
Le premier raconte son voyage et le second pose des questions .
dialogue en anglais .
20 ligne minimum .
Merci beaucoup
ps :( devoir a rendre demain donc urgent )



-Hi , How are you ? 
-I'm fine and you 
- I'm good , I went in New York City during one week and this is why I was called you 
- yes , I visited a lot of monuments I visited the statut of liberty and It's the most beautiful statut in New york! 
- you are so lucky and did you visited Time square ? 
- Yes !! and It's the most exating place in New York city and I took some Picture of central park because is the  largest park in Manhattan. 
- okay and what did you ate in New Yor City?
- I ate a lot of food but my favorit is the hot dog Its was Delicious!!
-and did  you went up in  cabe Yellow ? 
-Yes haha it was so funny and I also bought many  lots of postcards!! so New York is the most beautiful city in America , this travel was so Incredible  maybe one year you go with me !
-Yes I hope so goodBye !
-goodbye see you soon 

j'éspère que je t'ai aidé j'ai peut être pas 20 ligne mais bon a toi de crée le reste