Stephen lives in Prague, in Czech Republic.
He is from the U.S.A. His age is 62 (Sixty-two) years old. He is pretty tall, he's 1m79. He got a wife and a daughter. His cat died unhappily, and he doesn't own other pet. He likes the color yellow and loves fish. He does not wrote the play, he just performs. He went to Paris last week. He thinks he is rich because he has a family and a great job.

Matthew lives in Prague too, into a small house. He's from England. He's 27 (twenty-seven) years old. He is six foot four (Je sais même pas ce que cette expression veut dire xD). He got a girlfriend and he own a dog. He loves blue, Video games and watching TV. He started acting 20 years ago, at school.
He only performs at the Bear Educational Theatre. He already went to Paris and he never met Queen Elizabeth II yet.

Je sais pas si ceci correspond à tes attentes :) 
merci sa veut dire quoi pretty tall
Il est plutôt grand :) Après tu peux supprimer certaines expressions si elles te paraissent bizarres :)
est ce que tu c est comment on dit il sont venu la semaine dernier nous jouer un pièces de theatre
They came last week to play a piece of theatre to us :)