Bonjour, tu as le choix entre les deux, j'ai plus axé mes recherches sur le recyclage (dit moi si ça te convient). J'ai besoin de savoir si c'est le recyclage en général ou le système du recyclage à expliquer. Si c'est le système, voilà un site bien : http://www.recycling-guide.org.uk/
oui j'ai le choix entre les deux c'est le recyclage generale je croi
The waste recycling presents a double advantage
He allows at first to save some raw material and thus to protect the natural resources of our planet. He also allows to reduce the volume and the weight of our trash cans and thus to limit the risks of air pollution and grounds.
A law was thus born on the national level on July 13th, 1992 to incite and frame the sorting of the recyclable waste and arouse a change of behavior on behalf of all the citizens.
This politics extends over 10 years and stipulates that no recoverable waste must be stored or destroyed after 2012. The only waste admitted in landfills will be the waste which cannot be valued and which we call the " ultimate waste ".
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