bonjour j ai un exercice d'anglais qui sera noté!! pouvez vs m aider a corriger les erreurs et ajouter des choses si besoin svp ??

Question:Would you like to have the remember's power?why/why not?what would be advantages and/or disadvantages?(50 words)you must use two of the fallowing words:so,therefore,that's why,because,moreover,besides. I would like to have the remember´s power because it has its advantages as getting good grades without problems but there are desaventages because we want to forget the things of the past and i don't want to feel different to other people because i will be the only one to have a gift.. merci d'avance !!!!!!



Salut !

Il est bien ton sujet, quoique assez philosophique ...
Voici ce que je mettrais :

If someday someone ask me this question I won't chose to have the remember's power because of the sadness in life. For me there is more disadvantages than advantages.

I know it will be good to have good marks at school for all your tests because  you did remember what have said your teachers without learning your lessons, but you will never have a quiet mind after that.

Moreover, if the sadness that you could feel after something really hard for you like a death of someone you loved, never shades off, then you will become unhappy.
Voilà je pense que tu obtiendras une très bonne note pour ce texte sur le pouvoir de la mémoire. J'espère vraiment avoir pu t'aider. A +