SACHANT QUE JE SUIS EN 5EM2 J HABITE A ABIDJAN(cote d ivoire)et que jai cour les lundi et mardi de 7h30a12h20.jeudi et vendredi de 13h00a17h40 .c est pour ecrire une lettre dear friends,we are the students of 5ein a secondary school in a abidjan'(ivoire coast).we want to visit you next week.please give us your time table.friendly yours svp aidez moi repondez en anglais avec les indices.merci!!!!!



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Pour le premier paragraphe:

thank you very much for sending me this letter who have done me happy!
I really look forward to meeting you! for to tell a little about me, i'm...(funny/nice/cool)

I watch your leaflet and two of them gave me really want to try
the first is.... because...
the second is ... because...

Thank you again for inviting me to spend this holidays with you! I can not wait to meet you!


voilà! j'espère t'avoir aidée!