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you are a journalist who has spent many years in the west with a native americain tribe. you decide to write an article on what happened to them ( about 100 words) you illustrte your article with the following pictures.
use the preterite and the past perfect

franchement c'est trop long jpourrai pas t'aider desole
merci je connais la traduction mé je ne sais pas koi dire svvvppp c pour demain
nn mais cété pour que les autres gens ils t'aident que je l'ai traduit le texte
ben trouve des idées sur internet ou dans ta t^te en français ensuite fait la traduction en anglais sur internet.
a ok mé jé cchercher sur internet y pas mé bon merci kan meme je vé me debrouiller toute seul


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When I watched the natives on their high horse, meeting tribal, trampling of hooves on the sand was forming a cloud of dust . They lived in a beautiful endless desert with high hills ,the horses were mounted in nature.
Armed with their rifles they was scary to everyone.
At a gallop, they chase their enemies and losing them at  the horizon of big hills.
To live men of tribes were forced to forage in rivers. All armed with shovels they searched the water, while the women stayed near the fire.
The natives knew very little rain because they were still very hot and sun lost in their deserts.

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