je dois présenter une "charity" pendant une minute sans note, mais je dois surtout parler a l'oral sans faire de fautes. Voilà mon texte, y-a-t-il des erreurs??

I've chosen to present you "The Dream Factory" organization. This association's origins date back to 1983, wahn two mother decided to found a little charity named The Rainbow society, in order to bring hope and hapiness to ill children. In 2011, the organization was renamed "The Dream Factory" but kepts its original goals: helping children making their dreams come true.
The Dream Factory's headquarter is located in Canada, in Manitoba more precisly, a west Canada province.

I've chosen this charity because a member of my family support very actively this association, by giving donations. I think The Dream Factory is a great help to fight against illness: using imagination.


Coucou, "present you" c'est du mauvais anglais, de la traduction si tu préfère . Il faut dire I have chosen to introduce yourself.
préfères* ><


Tout est bon, il faut juste que tu changes le "present you" comme la dis Prunette! Courage pour l'oral :)
merci !! je suis finalement passée à l'oral et j'ai eu 17 ;)
mais c'est pas anglais : "introduce yourself" on dit introduce you