Trouve les questions correspondant aux parties en gras.

1) My sister went to Glasgow last year. Where went your sister ?

2) They broke up last month.

3) I used Mark's telephone to call the police.

4) We watched Gladiator last night.

5) John arrived at the park at half past ten. What time he arrived ?

6) He was very sad because his dog died.

7) My grandparents had dinner at the restaurant last week-end. Where had dinner your grandparents.

8) They ate roast and vegetables.

9) Yes, they did. They liked it very much !

10) Elvis Presley died a long time ago. When he died ?

11) Yes, he was. He was very famous !



2) When they brok up?
3) Who call the police?
4) What your watche?
6) Why he was sad?
8) What they ate?
9) Are they do?
11) Was he famous?