This morning a wake up I was in the hotel and I saw the sea it was beautiful . The ocean was so blue that I think somebody painted the sea in blue, so I decided to go at the beach which is in front of my hotel. Then I arrive at the beach my feet was touching the sand that was everywhere it was amazing, for the first time the ground was not hard then I saw the water coming on the beach then it chust go away and the same think going. Then I was feeling hot so I went in the water so it will get colder but when my mouth touch the water it was can a like the water was salty so I went out of the water and went home. J'ai fini le tien tu pourrez finir le mien
je veux pas modifier la réponse de Jean, juste qq fautes de tps; si tu veux faire tt au présent, alors accordes las verbes au présent sinon au past: / this morning I woke up in the hotel . I saw the sea, it was beautiful........that I thought somebody had painted....then I arrived......; the.my feet were touching the sand; for the first time, the ground wasn' t hard but so smooth. I was feeling so hot that when I saw the sea , I had juist an idea : refreshing myself and I runned and runned to
Si ça ta va je peux continuer, mais avec le texte de Jean, tu devrais pouvoir t'en sortir même si la fin de son texte est pas trop claire......n'hésites pas