1) 1. Aunt
2. Cousin
3. Granddaughter ( oui avec 2 [d] ) ou Grandson
4. Neighbours

1 : aunt 2: cousin 3: grandmother's ou grandson 4: neighbours
My aunt is my mother's sister.
My uncle is my father's brother.
My cousin is my grandfather's grandson. 
The people in the house next door are my neighbours.

When Gordon asked to Mary to marry him, she was over the moon and immediately said yes.
Six month later, they invited 120 people for their wedding in a beautiful hotel. The 120 guests had a great time. 

These childrens are enthusiastic. 
These men are married.  
These women are worried. 

Negative : angry, cross, furious, sad, worried
Positive : cheerful, enthusiastic, glad, happy, joyful