Écrivez un petit texte d’une soixantaine de mots sur le sujet suivant :

What can you do to protect nature? Are you ready to take action against pollution and to protect the
environment? How?
Voici quelques mots que vous pouvez utiliser :
to throw away (jeter) – to sort (trier) – rubbish (ordures) – waste (déchets) – to waste (gaspiller) –
renewable energy sources (énergies renouvelables) – recycle plastic or paper bags – nature – resources –
windpower (énergie éolienne)…



I think that protecting our mother, the nature, is a priority and each one of us must do something to keep her alive. First we cant throw dishes on the floor, we musnt waste food or water. Instead of polluting the air and the water with petrol and other bad sources we have to use the renewable energy sources like the windpower, solar energie and many other sources non polluting. Instead of using the car or the scooter, we use the bicycle and common transports like buses tgv and much more....
I on the other hand, am ready to protect the environment and i will try to convince other people to do so.....because our planet is in our hand