Ton devoir n'est pas français..
bien si, c'est bien écrit en français
aidez-moi svp j'ai someil
One Saturday evening to MTSAHARA, a woman called Lola went to the supermarket with a friend 
Sarah, them had on them their handbags. The supermarket was in approximately 30min of Lola's houses and 1 hour of Sarah's house by walking. Lola and Sarah walked towards baker street to take a bus then went to the supermarket. At the present time, He made black for baker street. 
Suddenly they heard a noise and began to panic. It was as a noise of a shooting. As the noise the frightened, them took a direction went to Sarah. After moment, Lola glimpsed something to go farther behind them, as a man. Lola says in 
Sarah that she lives a man followed them behind. And when Sarah turned around she noticed that this man followed them. Then, they heard a shot and they are mirrored to run towards 
church street then stopped on a crossroads. As they were followed Lola told Sarah to take the left road having towards a phone cubicle street and she will set off to right having towards longoni. The man followed Lola. However Sarah went in phone box is he called the police, while Lola was followed. Then, Lola hid in an shadow corner nevertheless the man saw her. However the police was on the way. The man approached Lola and fired her at sound
Left shoulder then stole her its handbag and finally it escaped. Lola was hurt and then finally the police arrived and we called an ambulance.
j'espere que tu aime :) merci :)

j'espère que t'a pas traduisé sur google traduction