Meilleure réponse !
1)To begin with, that nowadays there are  really a lot of young people who lead unhealthy lifestyle. For example, they use alcohol, drugs and other harmful substances.
2) According to the Internet statistics the public in general tend to believe that the situation in some countries is catastrophic. That is why, they are starting to test schoolchildren for drugs for the first time the world. As for me, I believe this issue is controversial.
3) On one hand, young people can not live in isolation. They are looking for dialogue, want to have fun and a good time. That's why the majority of young people are trying to make friends and join the big companies in various youth groups. For example, some of these groups are engaged in research, compose and perform music, go to the mountains, exploring the past of our country studying the past of our country and take care of veterans.This is great! But there are youth groups that choose to use alcohol and drugs, they are promoting hatred, violence and racial hostility. This is a bad group.Young people are very hard to choose because they lack life experience. That's why young people need to listen to the views of parents and teachers.
4) On the other hand,  I will never enter into the group that ruin my life and health because it’s my life and I don’t want to live in problems. And there are many young people who think so.  I believe that it is illegal to test me for drug or alcohol. It is humiliatingly and unfair. I think young people should be free and have equal rights with adults.
5) In conclusion, I want to say that everyone chooses his own way in life. I think nothing makes a person to love life, you just need to look seriously into the future and think about a career, your future work and a family.