A wealthy merchant, father of three girls and three boys lost his wealth and went to live in the countryside with his family. One day, coming home from the city, it was lost . He saw a castle and he went there to spend the night. He met no one ... The next morning , he saw a pink and remembered as Belle, her youngest daughter , wanted one . He picked but a horrible beast appeared and sentenced to death. However, it could be replaced by one of his daughters . Belle decided , voluntarily , to take the place of his father and went to the castle. She met the hideous Beast and was a little scared. The beast fell under the charm of the Belle and gave her everything she wanted. Every day , he asked her to marry him but the girl still refused . One night , she saw in the mirror her sick father . The Beast allowed her to visit him and gave him a ring " delighted " to allow him to travel . She remained ten days near the old merchant instead of the eight planned and this absence caused great grief to the Beast. She was preparing to die when Belle finally returned to the castle . She accepted the marriage proposal and the horrible beast then turned into a handsome prince charming .