It was a few years ago, in our small village in the North of England. We were in winter and blizzards were frequent. One day, we were drinking a cup of tea with my parents in front of the hearth. We were talking for a long time when my mother realized we needed to go to the supermarket for the groceries. As mentioned we were in winter, it was freezing cold, so no way to get out from the house. The supermarket were about 20 minutes from our house by walking. I was 20 years old at the time, and my parents were old. therefore I decided to go. I took my winter jacket, my hat, my scarf, my gloves and my boots, then left the house. It was cold, so cold. I could feel the icy wind freeze my face. Also I was alone, as walking in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, I heard a noise and start to panic. It was like the sound of a shoot. Actually, somebody really opened fire on someone. I decided to hide behind a low wall of a house on the side, and start browsing. After a while I could glimpse something moving further, like a man. He was pulling something across the road, as a heavy bag. It was so unusual, I began to think. Then I took the decision to take the opposite way he came from, and followed his feetmarks before the wind erased them. They guided me into a house. The door was open. I could see a body on the floor, still moving, so I ran. I found out that the victim was a woman. The house was disorderly, the circumstances looked like a burglary. The man clearly stole something valuable. I hastily took my mobile phone out of my pocket and called the police. The woman was finally saved, thus I could go to finish my groceries.