Serveur: good morning miss do you have a suggestion for your lunch?
client: No, I didn't received the menu. Can I have it please?
serveur: Yes, of course. there it is.
client: thank you sir.
2 min later.
serveur: Have you choose Madam?
client: Yes, i would like a cup of tea and some toast with butter and marmelade, please.
serveur: yes Madam it will be ready in 5 min, please wait a moment.
5 min later
serveur: there is what you order madam.
client: thank you young man, can i have a towel, please?
serveur: yes there it is madam.
15 min later
client: can i have the bill please?
serveur: yes there it is,5.60 £, by cash or card?
client: by cash, please
client: by and see you soon.

j'espere que tu aime dit le moi si tu trouve ca bien 
merci :) :)

Merci mais c'est pas have you choose mais Did you choose!
dsl mais j suis dans une ecole anglais et je peux te dire que c'est have you choose
pk tu ma mis un abus ?
je pense que cela est did you choose....d apres mon expérience....