Les consignes sont en piece jointe ,est ce que quelqu’un pourrez vérifier si je n'est pas de faute et si j'ai bien suivi toute les consignes, c'est pour demain Merci Merci

I intend to become a lawyer .
Generally, there are three categories of lawyers: business lawyers, whose clients are companies, criminal lawyers who defend especially crimes or offenses, and civil cases experts.

If I want to be a lawyer ,I should get the general BAC first plus 4 years of study obtain
at least a master in law (but more often a master 2), pass the entrance exam, after a year of preparation in a Judicial Studies Institute. I must follow then a 18-month training (courses, internships, professional individual project), culminating in the CAPA (certificate of aptitude for the legal profession
After that we must then take the oath and ask for his registration within a bar.

To be a lawyer,I should defend people in a trial court, companies or individuals involved in a lowsuit. I should be abble to follow civil cases (accidents, divorces, commercial litigation, employee-employer conflicts ...) or criminal (theft, crimes ...).

After obtaining Capa, wages can reach 1300 to 1700 Pounds by month
during his two years of apprenticeship in cabinet. Senior counsel can hope more than 5000 pounds.

Consequently , I will have to learn law texts perfectly and to work a lot to every details of a case. Besides if I want to be lawyer , I should be abble to defend my client in front of a jury.
If I were a lawyer,I would be a good speakers.I won't be allowed to be careless.

Therefore I would like to be a lawyer because I want to help people and fight the injustice.
It's prestigious and I expect to be proud of my future work .

Voila Merci D'avance



Je pense que tout est bien sauf que en anglais BAC c'est A-levels, et pour BAC +4 tu dis 4 years after the A-levels. Sinon c'est très bien pour moi, bon courage !
Merci beaucoup
De rien, j'ai fais la même chose en 5ème avec une professeur nommée Madame Borie. Est-ce une coïncidence ? ( oui j'pose des questions bizarres )
Aaah bon moi je suis en 3eme pourtant , lol