bonsoir, j'ai besoin d'aide sur un essai en anglais pour demain, merci de m'aider je vous serais très reconnaissante :

john and tom are two english students who are planning to visit Tunisia.
Unlike zied and slim, they share the same interests and have the same hobbies.
They would love to discover authentic local culture and at the same time they would like to relax and have fun.

-examine the map below and decide where they should go to spend nice holidays
-collect the right information about accommodation and transport
-choose appropriate pictures-design an attractive leaflet
-design an attractive leaflet



Meilleure réponse !
1- They should go to visit Maghreb, Algéria, Lybia and neighboring cities, because these cities have a history.
They should especially visit the Sahara Desert, because this is the perfect place to reflect a moment and watch a desert, quiet and out of sight.

2- For accommodation, it is very simple you can rent a house, stay in a hotel or apartment, families can also accommodate you, you have many choice, it is up to you.
For transport, it's the same thing, you can rent a car ....

3- 4- Pour ces question la tu devras le faire toi meme, je peux te les traduire;

-choisir des photos appropriées pour concevoir une brochure attrayante
-concevoir un dépliant attrayant