A) It's in Italy that you'll drink the best coffee in the world.
b) Mexico is the most polluted city I've never stayed in.
c) The Amazonienne forest is the densest in the world.
d) If you go to Tokyo, bring a lot of money with you, it's the city the most expensive in the world. 
e) New York is the most  impressive and the most animated in America. 
merci beaucoup !!!
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A. It's in Italy that's you drunk the best coffee of Europe. 
b. Mexico it's the most pollute that i've never stay.
c. The Amazonian forest it's the most dense of the world.
d. If you went to Tokyo, take lot of money because it's the most expensive city of the world.
e. New York it's most imressive city and busy of America.

J'ai fait ce que je pouvais! J'espère qu'il n'y auras pas trop de faute! :/Bonne continuation!!