Bonjour pouvez vous maidez svppp je galère c'est POUR DEMAIN 14:01:14

Alors voilà il faut faire un dialogue entre une mère et une fille qui ne sont pas daccord entre elles la fille veut faire un job que sa mère veut pas EN ANGLAIS BIENSURE

Bisou de moi a celui qui me le fera :*

Tu as besoin d'un dialogue de combien de lignes a peut pres ? Ou de combien de mots ?


Hello mom,
Hello ....?
Can I talk with you 2 minutes ?
Yes , what is it ?
Well I would like to talk about my future career , I want to become what I want to do ...
Well, you're going to succeed me and manage my business , for when I'm dead !
No, this is not what I want to do, I hate this company!
But why ?
You saw what time you come home at night? How many hours you work per day ? You spend your life behind a desk ! This is not what I want to be and what I want to do with my life .
Well, as you are honest ! And so, what do you want to do ?
I want to become military and engage me in combat.
What ? Is this a joke ?
No, this is what I want to do ...
It is out of question!
But this is what I would do, I want to make something of my life ...
But do not you realize? You can die !
If his happens, my death will be used to serve my country ...
Out of question ! You never will become military and this discussion is closed !