Meilleure réponse !
1. a) He is my penpal.
b) They get up before 6.
c) She is my neighbour and Melanie is very nice with them.
d) He is taller than him.
e) They love them.
f) It is green..
g) They are taller than my house !
h) It is bigger than mine !
2. a) His - his - his.
b) Her - her - her.
c) Their - their.
d) Its - its.
e) Our.
3. 1 -> D.
2 -> B.
3 -> A.
4 -> E.
5 -> C.
4. Barbara is angry whereas David is happy.
When John and his parents are from ?
Can your sister play the flute ?
I often listen to music with my best friend.
5. Uncle often take
students never drink
neighbour is always late
sister usually goes.
6.There is no orange...
any sugar
have no cheese
There is some
got any homework
7. tired.
8. How many cats have they ?
How old is he ?
How tall is Mrs Smith ?
Where do you live ?
How are your parents ?
What did she give you ?
Why does your dad left last Sunday ?
How many songs does Bob Marley composed ?
9. Do your parents go to Great Britain every year ?
Have you eaten some chocolate ?
Did you play cards with Jeremy last night ?
Will you have a shower tomorrow ?
10. No, they don't.
Yes, he does.
No, it isn't.
Yes, I have.
No, she isn't.

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