Bonjour , je dois faire 10 linges en anglais avec : i'm going to je dois parler au futur proche de mon voyage pour l été prochain et que j' étais riche . et je dois commencé par : in july next summer ... et je ne sais pas quoi inventé , donc svp aider moi



In july Next summer i will go to hollywood to make fortune and live there. My parents will accompany me also. and we'll live in an anormous palace with all my friends. I will go to st perry school to learn many things and discover a knew life. I'll learn many things and make many friends. 

voici la consigne :imagine you have a lot of money what are you going to do next summer ?
i will surely succeed in my studies because i am a hardworking girl and i always do my best. I will continue to work hard so that i find a job soon. I hope i will become a talented person and a good student so that my parents can be proud of me. I will search everywhere to find my destiny
excusez moi pour l'erreur n'ai pas bien lue
ce n est pgg