Transformez les questions suivante en pharses complexes contenant un principale et subordonée interrogative indirct.
comencez par : the interviewer asks ... / interviewer wants to know ... / interviewer wonders ...
a- In what way do you feel competitive ?
b- do you play a lot of games with your children?
c- what do you mean exactly ?
d- and how do the children react to his ?
e- do they laugh at you ? f- why do you react in this way ?

Stp c'est urgent je m'en sors pas



A- Pas tres sur :/
b-The interviewer wants to know if he play a lot of games with his chldren 
c- interviewer wants to know what is exactly the meaning
d- interviewer wonders how his children react to this
e- the interviewer ask if they are laughing at him 
f- Pas sur non plus :/