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He(It) approximately 1900 years (at about the year 100), in China, appear the first magic lanterns. With a light, we observe the aggrandie projection of an image painted on a glass plate(patch). It is the ancestor of the projector.

From there, many machines and objects are invented:Le traumatrope, this record(disk) with two threads which we make turn(shoot) (what we made in class), the zootrope (see the image down: by making turn(shoot) this object and by looking by a crack, we see the images putting itself in movement).

But we have not found the way(means) yet to reproduce the reality...

jai mis des image pour si sa taide

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The film was officially born the late nineteenth century, in 1895.
At this time,many researchers have long attempted to moving images to recreate life based on the progress in photography and human biology. 

Joseph Plateau was discovered in 1829 that the retina an image stored longer that it sees.

Today, for better image quality, movies in theaters use 25 frames per second,16 during the silent era.  

The progress also means that images the current film is in color.

These are two French,two brothers, Auguste et Louis Lumière who were the first to find a device allowing both of capture images and project to all ...

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