Écrire des résolutions pour :
my home : I will help more my mother to tidy the home
my classroomn : I will more partiocipate in the class ou I will pick up papers in class
my school : I will do my homework more seriously . pour my community : I willl spend more time with my cousins ou I won' be nasty and rude with my friends. PPour the world je n'ai pas d' Idée. pouvez vous vérifier et m'aider pour la derniére



I will work hard at school
i will study well to have good grades
i will help my parents do the washing up 
i will help my friends if they are in trouble/ they have problems
helthier life : il will eat many fruits and vegetables, i will not eat junk food
i will help blind persons to accross the road
voila ...  ;)