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HI PETER!    If you want to go on a diet don(t be in a hurry. If you slim too fast , you will loose weight very quickly but you will be very tired and may gain your pounds or kilos faster than you've lost them.

Rather , eat normanaly, that is you must have your three meals a day but good food . Try not to be attracted by fast food because it's very greasy and not good for your health!
Eat fruit and vegetables rather than candies, cakes or crips . An other advice. Try to ractice a sport or if like me you aren't keen on sports, go for walks or go swimming. It will help to shape your body. Don't get a too harsh diet, otherwise you'll be frustrated and frustration is the worst enemy to a diet.; bE CHERFUL? i M SURE YOU LL DO WELL; aND GOOD LUCK
TU EUS AJPOUTER: :What about goind jogging with some friends?Never stay too long watching TV, rather be more dynamic. I kow you're a bit gready, so sop eating chocolate bars. BON COURAGE