je doit faire un paragraphe sur la scene d'ouverture de mississipi burning et j'ai rien compris je dois le faire en anglais

je ne me souviens plus de la scene d'ouverture mais le film est très violent car il raconte les moments douloureux où le KU KLUS KLAN LYNCHAIT TOUT NOIR


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The two opening scenes in the movie Missipi Burning are veru hard. Indeed we are right away confronted with the racial atmosphere that black people were to bear in the fifties and sixties.That is all form of racial discrilination and segregation. Right away are seen a place where it is harshly mentionned that if you aren't white, it is definitely forbidden for you to sit in a café, or to go to white cimenas.The WASP didn'y want you. By wasp , I mean the white anglo saxons.The whole America was divides , on one side, the white colour, and on the other side but not in an equal manner, the Blacks.;
The second scene shows the reality of each day living for the Blacks also called Negroes
Especially in one of the most racist state of Americ: Mississipi.Indeed The Ku Klus Klan
burnt and hanged any negro as often as they could. THe fire scene is very violent. Il shows the burning of a whole black communitu attending the religious service in a church.