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A rich man was found murdered one sunday morning.His wife immediately called the police.The police questioned the wife and staff in the hall .The following alibis were given.

- The wife declared she was in bed reading a book
- The cook said she was cooking breakfast .
- The gardener claimed he was planting seeds .
- The Daughter said she was getting the mail.
- The maid explained she was cleaning the windows.
The police instantly arrested the murderer .

Who did it? And How did the police know ?

est ce qu'il faut répondre en anglais?
Euh ben si tu veux repondre en francais tu peu jessairerai de tradure mai si tu arrive en Anglais se serais bien :)



The daughter must be the murderer : she says that she was getting the mail, but there is no mail on Sunday...

Si tu as des questions, n'hésite pas ! =)