I prefer to have a good friend because the friendship is better than the money, a good friend it is a person in the listening, a sincere and a patient person, present in the difficult moments, a honest and frank friend with a lot of tact.
The friendship it is as love, the friend who helps you and never leaves you fallen.
In what he(she,it) serves to be rich if we have no friends to share this wealth?

J'espere que c'est bien pour toi ...

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Whether ti have a lot of money or a good friend , it'not that easy to answer. 

Because of the crisis I would answer without thinking about ' a lot of money!" but after a while I would be asamed of myself and I would quickly change and rather say 'there's nothing better than friendship'.

A ggod friend, especially your best friend is like your brother or sister. The ties are so strong that youa re like twins and it feels warm to know that somewher someone is always thing of you, helping and caring for uou. For friendship is something that mo money would buy whatsoever!!
corrige ashamed ( faute de frappe) / a good friend/ somewhere /always thinking of you / caring for you. Bcp de fautes de frappe , désolée!