Bonjour pour demain je dois d'écrire cette image en anglais pouvez vous m'aider s'il vous plait c'est urgent! Merci!

on this picture,I can see a woman who is woking in a factory in Indonesia. She looks tired and bored of this hard job. Shés making clothe and shoes for rich countries like France. this picture will maybe mean that those people work in hard condition and they will never be availlable to buy the clothe they are making.
this lady sews, surment to fill cousut give the clothes to her children!=cette dame fait de la couture,surment pour pourvoir donner les vetements cousut a ses enfants !


Meilleure réponse !

We can see in this drawing in the foreground is an asian woman sewing in an Indonesian factory, she looks very tired. She's making shoes when doesn't even have one of those. In the background we can see she had done a lot of shoes. This drawing denounces the hard work asian people do for other countries when they don't even have for them and they are not well paid.

We can see an young girl who works in a factory for a very known mark (nike). One can understand that this girl works of force in this factory because normally it should be has the school.This photograph denounces the right has the freedom of the children.