a . invited 
b. went
c. wanted / was
d. went
e. ate / drank 

Et le 3
Jack was not in New York September
Sophie and Patrick didn't eat in a restaurant yesterday
Fred didn't play video games with his friend
I didn't want to go to the cinema yesterday
They didn't drink carrot and tomato juice
merci à toi
Meilleure réponse !
A) John was in London... B)Tom and Chad were ... C) The colums in the Cathedrale was... D) I was in Wesminister...
Lorsque tu dois mettre un verbe au prétérit, il suffit de prendre la base verbale et de mettre -ed à la fin. Mais attention, certains verbes sont irréguliers tel que see, on ne ne dit pas seeed mais saw . ( see= voir)