Bonsoir , j'ai besoin d'aide ! <3

Put the verbs in the present be ing or the present simple.

It is nice and warm when the sun (shine)
(Wait) your father for you outside , at the moment ?
Why not (check) they ever the pasports at the customs ?
I (not know) what to answer !
Can you describe her ? What (wear) she today ?
My dog (jump) on to my bed every morning.
London ? That'is where we (go) I You can follow us
Why (leave) they always thechildren behind ?
Why (stay) she in bed so late ?
Listen. He (count) in English



Dsl je pourrais pas te donner les reponses pck je suis pas sur d'avoir bon mais je peut te dire juste que quand on utilise le present be ing cest une action en cours au moment ou l'on parle (action en cours) et  le present simple cest parler d'une habitude, un sentiment...
j'espere que je tai un peu aider