Svp c'est pour de'ain et je galère vraiment trop. C'est 2 exercice
Ex1: Remplace les expressions en gras pour une expression avec ago.Ecris les chiffres en lettres.
Oswald assassinated J.F Kennedy in Dallas in 1963-->
great Britain adopted the metric system in 1995-->
Columbus discovered America in the fifteenth century-->
Ex2: Fill in the gaps with the,correct from of the verbs in simple past:
We(do) , We(have) , We(play) (look) , We(write) , We(drink) , We(go).
Last year Carol (come) , She( teach) , We(drive) ,We(eat) , One afternoon Carol(be) , She(lose) , She(look) ,She(not find) She(leave).
Last night I (see) ,It (fall) , in the grass because it (be) , I (take) , I (give) , The bird(not drink).
Merci d'avance.




exercice 2:

We did, we played,  we wrote, we drank, we went, Carol came, She ?, we drove, we ate, Will be ? (pas sur), she lose (je crois), she looked, she didn't find, she leaved, I saw, It felt, ?, I took, I gave, the bird didn't drink.

apres l'exercice 1je sais pas