URGENT svp aidez moi :(((J'ai un sujet à rendre pour demain 9h en anglais mais je n'y arrive pas. Voici mon sujet en anglais et en français . Merci à ceux qui vont prendre le temps de m'aider :)

You are a young pilgrim in Plymouth. It is the
day after Thanksgiving and you want to write a letter to your grandmother in
Britain. Using the notes write full sentences using the past simple (les temps
du passé) :

America / arrive / in / I / one / ago / year / be / The / very / winter
/ cold / little z/ and / be / there / food.

people / many / die.

the / spring / kind / Indians / In / help / some / us.

our / They / friends / become / good.

build / small / We / houses / crops / and / cultivate.

The / good / be / very / this / harvest / year.

invite / Indians / Yesterday / we / the / Thanksgiving / a / to /

for / God / everything / thank / We.

Voila le sujet traduis :
Vous êtes un jeune
pèlerin au Plymouth. C’est le lendemain de Thanksgiving et vous voulez écrire
une lettre à votre grand-mère en Grande-Bretagne. Utilisez les notes en
écrivant des phrases complètes au passé simple (les temps du passé) .



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Dear grand ma,

When we arrived a year ago, it was very cold and we didn't have too much food . We were almost starving and many people died of hunger. It was really sad!
Fortunately during the spring many kind Indians helped us so we didn't starve to death.
And after that we became good friends with them.
We built small houses and cultivated croops.The harvest was good this year.Yesterday , it was Thanksgiving so we invited the Indians to dinner. Wr thank GOD because we are happy to day.