Imaginez une conversations avec un nouvel élève de Nouvelle-Zélande au cours de laquelle au cours de laquelle vous expliqueriez ce qui est obligatoire, possible ou interdit au collège .
(pensez à utiliser let, make us, don't let us, want us to...)



You are new not? 
Yes my name is Lories.
I am called Mickael.
Nice to meet you.
You love your new middle school?
Yes but I do not know everything, I had no rules.
Is that so? I know him by heart so much I do not like him.
It is cool, can you say him please? 
Well on I was going to make it. It is forbidden to carry joggings, mini skirts, mini dresses, finally any mini thing. It is forbidden to have piercings or tattoos. But it is possible to have its style. Punk, Gothic, everything is accepted except villain with joggings.
All right. It is everything? 
No, our middle school is very strict but I have the rules. He is of no use to me, I know him by heart thus I give him to you. 
All right thank you very much.
(donne le règlement)