Correction d un dialogue en anglais

Hello it's been years that you moved in new district and we are to speak only once, I would have liked learning to know each other(to be self-aware) of advantage so that we become friendly. Says the narrator call out(question) to the girl.

-I wanted him(it) also only when I had just moved you and your friend had rejected me at once of has my skin color. Does a physical difference imply(does involve) a difference in the capacity in the knowledge? In other words are we more intelligent because we have the white skin? You rejected me, today I reconstructed and I have has learnt to become stronger. Assert the girl with tears in the eyes

- Yes I remember it and I regret him(it) I was young and stupid I apologize I hope that you forgive me and that we can begin again has zero. These words cannot express to what extent I am sorry, and how much he(it) is necessary for me to apologize to you, sadden to have offended you with my pointless and tactless word. Pronounce the embarrassed narrator.

- I accept your excuses however we can never be real friends because I too long suffered in this city.

" We are not born racist, we become him "

tu veut qu'on te corrige tout sa ?
oui svp car c noter avec un gros qoefficien alors j aimerais avoir le moins d erreur possible


Oui c'est tout juste j'ai regarder 
Tu a tout bon tu n'a pas de fautes tres bien