a)Who is this article about?
This article is about the Nigerian Mohammed Bah Abba who found an ingenious way to cool perishable foodstuff.
b) Why was he selected by the Rolex Institute?
He was selected by the Rolex Institude because its ingenious find has an overwhelming positive impact on people's life in northern Nigeria.
c) Write down the 3 positive outcomes of his invention.
- reducing food spoilage and health hazards of decaying food
- increasing people incomes
- liberating girls so they can go to school
a) Pick up 4 quotations explaining the "restricted lives" of Northern Nigeria people
- the region is primarily a semi-desert inhabited by a large, mostly agriculture-based population.
- Young girls are particularly inslaved because they are forced to go out each day and rapidly sell food
- lack of electricity in most of the northern rural communities
- even in towns and cities the power supply is erratic. Most of the urban poor cannot afford refrigerators.
b) find one quotation to prove that Abba's invention was necessary.
- " Farmers are now able to sell on demand rather than "rush sell" because of spoilage", says Abba."And income levels have noticeably risen"

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