Stemming from a labor family, the childhood of Corina took place without stories. In 25 years she married José Miraflores. That this disapproving of the politics of the government had the misfortune to help the MRTA. He was captured and struck to death during a too much developed the muscle interrogation. Corina she was even looked for, she give her son to an orphanage and hid in mountains.

The difficult secret life and its misfortune had the effect of waking in her unsuspected capacities. She dressed and baptized as a television heroine of her childhood, and decided to use her powers to stay up several cities and neighbouring villages of mountains.

The NMR tried several times to enlist him but she declined every time, not approving their methods which she considers too violent

Wonder Woman has outsized physical abilities. Endurance and running speed are those of an Olympic champion. It is also capable of prodigious leaps.  She speaks some martial arts that allow him his aggressiveness and ability to be a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat.Naive and idealistic nature, it remains despite the trials that have shaken. His misfortune was with a dull anger, she used positively to help people around her. Very religious, she hopes that its actions will allow him to see his son without that it is in danger.