Bonjour !! J'aurai besoin d'un avis et d'une correction de l'orthographe si il y'a besoin, merciiiiii.

can see a family, their house is surrounded by a red circle because
they make a lot of wasting. Windows are opened while there is of the
heating they should close them and also lower the temperature which
is 22 °. When their teeth are brushed they should close the faucet
not to waste the water, it is the same thing for the bath and the
dishes. They should also use energy-saving bulbs. A lid should be put
on pans because those this clear of the heat. Then when the
television is switched on we can see that they are not the only ones
to waste so much all the houses are surrounded by red what makes rise
the ground temperature and pulls the ice cap . They decide to act,
we have to switch off all
the devices instead of setting in sleep mode them, using the bike or
the public transportation also allows to reduce the pollution. By
leaving the work it is the same thing as at the house we have to
switch off all the devices. We also have to use staircases instead of
the elevator, furthermore it allows us to go in for sport. A good
insulation is also important for avoiding the wasting and to finish
the night the temperature has to be to fall in 15 °.



Je n'est pas tout regarder mais j'ai vu une faute a "h"eating il n'y a pas de "h" c'est eating.