Hi Mark,I'm so furious ! My mum doesn't want me to use the computer more than 30 minutes today! Can you believes it ? She says I'm an Internet addict.Tgat's crazy!:-(doyou have an Internet access in your room? Can come for a quick visit?So i can update my profile?Bye for now, I must switch off the computer.Jenny
PS:Do not tell my mum!
You have to write Mark's email to Jenny. Give her some advices (use should and shouldn't)Happy Holidays!



C'est quoi que tu ne comprend pas ? :)
i think you should not stay a lot of time in your computer , it will hurt your eyes , you can be addicts of the computer if you use it a lot and it can be not good for your social life , you can also have trouble sleeping if you use at night . ( ce texte est plus visé sur tu ne devrais pas / shouldn ´t ) .
ok merci
mais ja besoin pour should
You should listen your mother. She says that because she loves you and she don't want to see you late on the computer because it is not good for you! Alors par contre cette phrase est pas forcement juste mais je te la donne vu que tu a l'air d'en avoir besoin